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The female sadhak who embraces Mother Nature from within is the true Yogini. The Yogini abounds in the sweet bliss of Nature’s mysticism. The Yogini yields to the gentle strains of the inner guru.

The Mother Goddess opened up the windows of my heart to her beatitude and to her grace. She gently drew me into a mystical world of amazing marvels, where I met beautiful people with deep resonances in the inconceivable surroundings of her sacred creation. There arose a profound awareness along with a worldly intelligence at viewing life’s larger picture, seeking divinity within the throes of
Mother Nature.

One soon realized that the reality of Shiva, the transcendent Being, is seeded deep within us. The eternal presence of Shiva’s light rests in each soul and is not something that one need reach out for as if it were apart from ourselves. Shiva’s light is not circumscribed or restricted by any effort or design. An aggressive or desperate approach to the spiritual life never works, for Shiva and Shakti must be experienced through Bhakti, through deep love and fervent invoking. Clarity of thought, astute awareness and shraddha "deep faith and confidence" must be invoked in tandem with the universal energies that pervade even our ordinary lives.

A Devi or "Goddess" energy guided me in seeking out the purity and mystique of one’s essence, allowing the bliss of Her eternal presence to illumine my prevailing awareness. Life never changed, but my approach to its myriad experiences took on a new mantle. Through the Devi’s grace one embellished the fabric of this sacred mantle with rich hues of varied designs and motifs of larger spiritual experiences. Mother Nature continued for me as the support of a veritable Guru, unraveling her wonder and beauty wherever I happened to be. Mother Nature has no religion, just as she recognizes no national boundaries. Her scriptures are open-ended and move with all of life. They cannot be limited to the pages of a book. Our inner consciousness spontaneously relates to the abundance and beauty of Nature’s world through our ability to sense the Divine spirit of a tree, the mountain rock, the flowing rivers, or whatever is paraded before our senses in the natural world around us.

The female sadhak who embraces Mother Nature from within is the true Yogini. The Yogini abounds in the sweet bliss of Nature’s mysticism. The Yogini yields to the gentle strains of the inner guru. The one who inspires us from within is the real guru, removing the veils of darkness which cloud our thoughts and actions, not simply the one who teaches or preaches. The Yogini sustains the flow of inner joy that is the true form of the Guru Shakti. The Yogi can only provide the space and the presence for Shakti, but the Yogini herself carries the powerful currents of its celestial energies.

However, before we can embrace the sadhana of the Mother, we must create the vessel to allow her grace to be held. For this aim, we need to deal with our own mental and emotional turbulence first. All the emphasis on psychology dominating our thought today, even in the spiritual realm, has driven people into analyzing their suffering and blaming others for it, rather than learning how to catalyze it into something higher. Through sadhana one learns not to dwell on emotional hurts and traumas; instead we must transform our personal psychology into a deeper love and joyousness, embracing it with gratitude and willing to move forward and shift its energy to higher planes of nirvana.

Life is not meant to be a saga of sinful acts, for which we are continuously punished and left guilt-ridden. Life is meant to be an incessant festival of joyousness and vivacity that is the play of Shiva and Shakti. Every moment of our lives can unfold a deeper experience of the Divine presence, whether it is our kitchens, our offices or in our meditation rooms, once we awaken the inner flow of grace that is our real seeking behind all that we attempt.

The mystic spirituality of Rishis, the great seers of ancient India, is not a faith veiled in sin, condemnation, judgment or damnation. It is the truth which leads us to the transcendental reality of life as a celebration, where every experience holds universal blessings through the grace and abundance of unbounded divinity. It rests in the beneficence and freedom of Nature which is an expression of a higher consciousness and joy.   

My sadhana transpired amidst the blissful throes of Nature’s abundance, in the sacred shadows of the great Himalayas, opening up vast vistas within, unveiling the secrets of the Supreme Spirit. My traverses into sacred precincts of ancient temples like Kedarnath or Jhula Devi enkindled the embers of my inner fires, drawing me into the mystical realms of the Devatas, the universal sacred powers. What the western mind calls Hindu Gods and Goddesses, we refer to with reverence as Devatas, are Divine principles, sacred aspects of Brahman, the impersonal Godhead reaching beyond the manifest universe. Devi or Deva manifest as powers of Bhakti Yoga or Divine love and Jnana Yoga or Divine wisdom. They symbolize Ishvara, the Cosmic Lord and Creator which is why their forms and powers as extraordinary, supernatural and paradoxical.


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