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Shiva is perhaps the most misunderstood of the Hindu pantheon, an enigmatic figure who suggests a reality beyond the bounds of convention or even reason.

The Great Unknown
We live in a magical and mysterious universe pervaded by an unseen intelligence and subtle energies, which reach far beyond the merely human concerns that dominate our minds today. There is a sacred order to the cosmos, reflecting vast forces working at a different level altogether than our ordinary historical, personal and social preoccupations. This power of consciousness behind the universe is transformational and cataclysmic in nature; it does not conform to our expectations, needs and demands, or to the formulations and opinions of our intellect.

We usually dwell at the surface of this greater cosmos, afraid of its unpredictable currents. Yet besides our usual desires for the enjoyment of our familiar outer world, we also possess a strong inner urge to connect with this greater unknown reality, even if we do not have any clear idea about what it may be. This drive for transcendence becomes the basis of religion and spirituality, among other deeper searches for truth, though we may reduce these to more mundane compulsions and keep them scaled down in the human world.

This sacred cosmic mystery has been formulated in many ways in the different cultures of the world going back to the dawn of our species. It has become the prime concern of many esoteric groups, including various orders of monks, renunciates and spiritual communities of different types. If we look at India and its great yoga tradition, we find union with that mysterious unknown reality as the essence of India’s cultural striving and the subject of a massive civilizational development.

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