Fulfilling Your Heartís Desires

Accomplish and find your bliss in 2014. You need to connect to your deepest self and desires and allow transformation to flow from the inside out. This is why it is so important to spend a little time each day in the inner quiet of meditation. read more...

The Year of Captivation

Transcend the model of linear time and live in accordance with spiritual time. Becoming conscious of and acting upon the personal growth potential available with each season is a powerful way to utilize spiritual time to accelerate your spiritual growth. read more...


A Road Map to Freedom

Tantric Kashmir Shaivism is an ancient, non-dual philosophical system characterized by its assertion that Universal Consciousness, or Shiva, is the fundamental substance of the entire universe. read more...

Yoga of the Conscious Mind

Explore some of the most profound answers to our mysterious existence through an ancient Vedic text known as the Bhagavad Gita. read more...


Losing Weight Naturally With Ayurveda

Choose the right foods, tune into your body and your hunger, and develop a relationship with your body to help you know when you are hungry and when to stop eating. read more...

Yoga to Build Willpower

Yoga poses to help you overcome inertia, break old habits and patterns, evolve and move upwards. read more...




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